Red on Red - Original Painting - Douglas Moorezart, copyright 2014 -
Red on Red – Original Painting – Douglas Moorezart, c 2016


i like
it dances
for me

alexandre arnau

25 thoughts on “Red

  1. did you ever … think about printing a book? one that combines all the beauty of these collected words and your colors? I would love to have one, and would take it with me in my bag and – being on my way someplace, somewhere – take it off, take in just a hint of colors and words, all in the secret, and just like the scent of a hidden flower this will contain all memories, phantasies, lifts my spirit and bring on a smile … will you think about it?

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    1. You are so kind to send me this wonderful idea. I like that idea very much and will pursue under the condition that I may use your beautiful words in the preface! Do you have some publisher in mind? I’ve heard of a few. Will be curious what your thoughts are! Blessings to you! – Douglas

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      1. thank you Douglas, yes off course you can use my words for the preface – it will be my honor and pleasure!

        about the publisher – as I live in Germany I’m not so familiar with the U.S. publishing market, sorry. another way – with maybe more freedom but off course less marketing tools and publisher’s network – could be with BoD – that is Book on Demand. but I’m sure your work will find a good publisher, maybe specialiced on niche’s art work, or poesie … in any case I wish you luck and good fortune. let me know about the process, will you? blessings to you! Susanne

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