In Memory: “Her self portraits explore… a deep urge to find solace in a higher power.”

Art of Quotation

“Her self portraits explore spiritual Gambian practices and a deep urge to find solace in a higher power.”

— Nicola Green, curator of Diaspora on the Gambian-British photographic artist and Grenfell Tower victim Khadija Saye

Exhibition of photos by Khadija Saye

Dwelling: in this space we breathe is a series of wet plate collodion tintypes that explores the migration of traditional Gambian spiritual practices and the deep-rooted urge to find solace within a higher power.

Quote Source/ New York Times

LONDON — An artwork by Khadija Saye,
a 24-year-old British artist who died in the
Grenfell Tower fire here last Wednesday,
will be hanging in the memorial space of
Tate Britain

Andrew Wilson, a Tate senior curator in
modern and contemporary British art,
said in an email that the display, which
began on Tuesday in the small memorial

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