“[photographers] look at you to get a better look at themselves… “

Art of Quotation

“[photographers] look at you to get a better look at themselves.

Didn’t you know that an essential piece of the camera is the mirror installed inside the casing?”

— Stacy Platt, writer, educator, photographer. From an article on the Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase” titled The Art of Losing Love, pt.1 : Words on Masahisa Fukase


Retrospective at Diesel Gallery

Guardian: Genius of Masahisa Fukase

The autobiographical artist Masahisa Fukase remained institutionalized the last 20 years of his life after a traumatic accident. Only now are his photographs becoming available outside of Japan after lengthy copyright battles. Considered a singularly innovative and influential photographer he grabbed the world’s attention with his publication of his first international photo book “The Solitude of Ravens”.

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