Banksy 2009: “Laugh now, but one day no-one will be in charge”

Art of Quotation

“This show is my vision of the future”

Banksy on his Bristol Museum show in 2009.

Painting: Devolved Parliament, 2009

Related: Banksy’s largest canvas has gone back on display in Bristol – just in time for the original Brexit deadline of March 29.

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8 thoughts on “Banksy 2009: “Laugh now, but one day no-one will be in charge”

  1. Oblivion in one form maybe but we have to remember that they own Canada as well so to unite more with Canada plus Poland and I am sure I could convince Russia to follow the recreating a Monarchy theme as well since I have common ground with Putin unlike others.

    Anyways we have all the resources, religious evidence and technology combined that most nations cry for so we are in a really good spot, especially we partner up in this new vision.

    Which I personally call Lucifer vision but to each their own on that stuff….but the point is that Brexit if very good news for Canada as now England will actually need us more for once instead of us them.

    Canada could use a King and Queen meanwhile England’s Queen can regain proper control on her end plus have a hand on our end for giving birth to our semi-individual monarchy on our end.

    Anyways I looked at the laws, did the math plus everything else for many years now and it should work. lmfao

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