About Douglas Moorezart

It seems a lifetime ago I earned a degree in Fine Arts only to find myself overtaken by life events. Now over 30 years later I’m finally becoming an artist. I’m trained as a painter and its my first love. In the last few years I’ve also given photography a try and you will find my attempts at same in my posts and, soon, my portfolio.

In a world where artist are pressured to measure their success based on others’ expectations — be it sales, representation, publication etc., I share this remarkable statement by Georgia O’Keeffe. (It definitely speaks to me)

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

And for your ongoing inspiration:

Art of Quotation  – Find daily art inspiration from all manner of artists, both great and unknown at:  http://art of quotation.wordpress.com



409 thoughts on “About Douglas Moorezart

  1. Lovely statement to keep in mind. To me, any form of art is more about he artist’s self expression than recognition from others. I suppose it’s a selfish viewpoint, though, and others may intend differently. But acclaim and fame should never be a goal in my opinion. Just so what you do, and hopefully the right people will be drawn to it somehow.


  2. Hello Douglas, I am impressed by your great talent as a painter and photographer. Yours is a lovely blog. Love how you combine the artworks with the quotes and short texts. Thank you so much for the follow. It is a great honor for me, a humble blogger, to be followed by you.

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    1. Hello Marta! How lovely of you to take the time to share your generous and positive thoughts on my efforts. I truly appreciate hearing that my art has touched someone in a life enhancing way!. I hope to see more of you around here in the ‘blogasphere’. Many many years ago I was a teacher and appreciate as well your work and your sharing of ‘moments’ – Be well! – Douglas

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