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It seems a lifetime ago I earned a degree in Fine Arts only to find myself  overtaken by life events. Now over 30 years later I’m becoming an artist most all of my waking hours (perhaps many while I sleep).

In a world where artist are pressured to measure their success based on other’s expectations be it sales, representation, publication etc., I share this remarkable statement by Georgia O’Keeffe. (It definitely speaks to me)

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing.  Making your unknown known is the important thing.”  – Georgia O’Keeffe


My current complete portfolio can be found at:  http://moorezart.com or http://douglas-moorezart.artistwebsites.com/


If you are interested in daily art quotations from artists past and present you will find a growing library on my brand new blog at:  http://artofquotation.wordpress.com


I share fellow artists I know and think you should know as well at:  http://from1artist2another.wordpress.com



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  1. Douglas I do hope you won’t mind I’ve ‘nominated’ you in a quotation challenge I’ve been invited to, I know you won’t have the time but it’s a good excuse to mention your artofquotation blog, given the context, and if you do feel like participating you just post a quotation, mention the nominator :) and invite 3 bloggers to join in over 3 consecutive days! Don’t expect you to join in but wanted to let you know!

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  2. The art you share on this site is astounding––and I’ve only begun to discover it. The Georgia O’Keeffe quote drew me in; the proliferation of your work speaks to the insight contained in these words and your remarkable ability to make the unknown known. Thank you!

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