“The cat is nature’s masterpiece.”

Art of Quotation

“The cat is nature’s masterpiece.”

Leonardo da Vinci, Italian, painter

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7 thoughts on ““The cat is nature’s masterpiece.”

    1. Hello Janet! Good to hear from you. Well it’s uncharacteristically chilly for sunny southern California but I’m bundling up for the 38 degree very windy outdoors and walking my pups for a spell. Cabin fever setting in! Cheers to you! Thanks for stopping by!

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      1. The cold seems to be everywhere, except Australia where it is boiling hot…..When I was in the South of France it was freezing, and in the UK we have had a long drawn out cold spring….including two visits from the ‘Beast from the East’ (very cold air from Siberia:) Hopefully this will change soon. I will be giving my workshop in Portugal on the 18th April and so am hoping for some warmer days. I always find that walking dogs is totally therapeutic. Enjoy. Janet


      2. Fantastic, have a most successful workshop. I envy your travels! Yes the earth is sad from man’s misbehavior. It weeps. It’s up to the artists to offer whatever healing we can shine. Blessings!

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